New Technology Site Saves Us Time

We all know that information technology is a hot subject. And the sites that talk about it (including this one) are quite a few. Actually, there are lots of tech sites all over the web. And things have changed a lot since I was a kid, when you knew that all the needed info was available on a handful of sites.

These days it’s hard to stay updated with the most recent IT developments simply because there’s so much information out there. The good news is that some smart people have decided to launch, which uses an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze and process data from the best tech sources, turning it into structured data.

Many similar websites ask for your personal data, be it a social media account or an email address. If you hate spam as much as we do, you will be pleased to hear that doesn’t want any of your personal info. Unless you want to receive customized news in your inbox, that is.

Is Broadband Making Businesses More Productive?

That’s an interesting question and its answer isn’t that easy. It looks like Google’s fiber optics internet has disturbed many internet providers, who are now trying to lock their existing customers into longer contracts by giving them access to faster broadband connections without asking for more money in return.

And it’s a smart move, because these days it looks like everyone and their grandma are trying to get access to faster internet. But how can a business benefit from having access to faster upload and download speeds?

I get it: the home user will be able to download his or her favorite movies much faster. But what are the real advantages of having access to an internet connection that’s 500% faster when it comes to small businesses?

My prediction is that the entrepreneurs that work with large chunks of data are probably going to be ecstatic about the speed increase, but for the little guy, the speed boost will not be noticeable in the daily activities most of the time. Time will tell if my prediction is true or not.